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With This Snoring Ring I Thee Wed!

Unfortunately, we at Snorestoppers know that snoring knows no barriers; it can affect every member of the population regardless of your gender, age or disposition. However, for women especially, it can be a particularly embarrassing problem. If you were to listen to the general consensus and opinion, it would seem that women should sleep like angels without a murmur, but the complete opposite is true! Many women snore, their mouths wide open and a bellowing noise emitting, one that is anything but ladylike and indeed a noise so loud that it could raise the rafters!

The thing is many women are unaware that they do actually snore until they meet a partner that tells them so! And when a partner eventually places that ring on their finger, they are certainly not expecting to have to place a snoring ring on there too! However, a snore ring is often the ideal solution for women because it is neat, discreet and more importantly it works!

Once told that they do snore, for many women it then explains the tiredness, inability to concentrate and general lethargy that they have been feeling day in and day out for years. This can often come as a relief and once recognised as the cause of the problems that they have been experiencing, the search for a snoring cure that actually works begins. There are many snoring aids available, however, for women snorer’s the most important things are not just that it works, but that it is discreet and convenient. Unfortunately, many of today’s snoring aids are not, they are bulky and obvious, so although they may work, they are definitely not an option for women snorers.

The Best Snoring Aid for Women

A snoring ring, for example, the one found here on the Snorestoppers website is perfect:

It is unobtrusive and discreet, and although not exclusively for women (men can wear it too) many ladies find it far preferable to the more cumbersome snoring aids that are on the market today. The snoring ring is neat and elegant, as well as being comfortable and easy to wear. What is more this cheap snoring ring is nickel free, a tried and tested snoring aid that is proven to work.

How does the Snore Ring Work to Cure Snoring

The snoring ring uses the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure, and clinical trials have proven that it really does work. The ring is designed to apply pressure to two specific places on the little finger; these pressure points assist the muscles in the throat and larynx. This, in turn, works by clearing the airways, reducing sinus swelling and nasal blockages; all known to be trigger factors in those who snore. The snoring ring is adjustable and comes in three sizes in order to be a perfect fit and stimulate the pressure points precisely.

So what are you waiting for? ….. To all the long suffering partners out there, get that ring on her finger fast!

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