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5 Very Strange Secrets to Stop You Snoring

There are some weird and wonderful ways that claim to help you to stop snoring. Personally, I would just visit Snorestoppers and choose one of their range of products – but I may be slightly biased!

Let’s have a look at some oddball snoring solutions – you can make your own mind up!

  1. The Gaffer Tape Solution

This works on the theory that most snoring is through the mouth – so if you gaffer tapestop snoring gaffer tape it closed then you won’t snore! I can think of some other reasons why you might want to gaffer tape your partners mouth shut but I’m not sure I would recommend it for snoring!

Then there is the indignity and pain of removing the tape every morning – not exactly a fair reward for a snore free night!

A better, safer and more comfortable snoring solution is a chin strap – and it doesn’t hurt when you take it off in the morning

  1. Prince Charles’ Solution

Our very own slightly eccentric Prince prince charlesCharles has his own snoring solution. We all grab the toothpaste before going to bed. So does Prince Charles, but for a completely different reason to us common people. So how does he use toothpaste to stop him snoring? He spreads it under his nostrils of course!

Princess Diana hated his extremely loud snoring but also couldn’t stand the fact he put toothpaste under his nose when he went to bed – he couldn’t win!

I’m not sure how this works but it’s easy enough to try – and if it’s good enough for Royalty ………..

  1. The Garlic Solution

How do you fancy gargling with garlic crushed in boiled water? This is after it has beenstop snoring garlic mixed well for a few minutes and allowed to cooled down of course. A more important question might be “what does your partner think of it?” I don’t know about you, but the smell of garlic on someone when you haven’t eaten any can be a bit overpowering!

Enough of my personal prejudices – can it help you to stop snoring?

They (the garlic evangelists) say that garlic helps to dry up the nasal passages and airways, reducing mucus build-up and therefore sinus blockage and – just possibly - snoring. Don’t forget all of the other potential benefits of this superfood – from curing impotence to rejuvenating hair growth if you’re bald.

Wonderful if it works, but there’s still that smell ………………

  1. The Dummy Solution

Can sucking a dummy (or soother or pacifier depending on where you are from) reallysnoring dummy help you to stop snoring? Or is it some sort of ruse by a master race to keep us all baby like and compliant?

I suspect the latter but apparently there is method behind the madness.

Sucking on the dummy is supposed to keep your mouth closed and your tongue in the correct position to stop you snoring – how often do you hear babies snore?!

Keeping it in your mouth may present a problem but maybe I should try it before I criticise it. Of course your partner may find it a bit odd and think you are actually some sort of baby/parent fetishist which could make or break your relationship!

  1. Electric Shock Therapy

Yes you read that right – there are actually products you can buy that will send anelectric shock electric shock to your wrist if the volume of your snoring gets louder than a preset level. Who invented this? Some mad sadistic scientist maybe? I don’t like being woken up in the morning by a gentle alarm so I’m certainly not going to wear something that gives me an electric shock in the middle of the night if I snore.

Some of the businesses selling these call it “bio-feedback”. Don’t be fooled – it’s definitely electrical!

You wear these devices on your wrist like a watch. The problem with sensing the volume of your snoring through this is that it is entirely dependent on your sleeping position. If your wrist is under a thick duvet then it’s not going to work properly. Which is a blessing in my opinion.

So there you have it – 5 very different ways that claim to help you to stop snoring. If none of them appeal to you (I can’t imagine why!), then visit for a range of tried and tested stop snoring products.

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