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If your partner snores, it can lead to many a sleepless night. Sleep deprivation not only causes extreme tiredness it can lead to irritability and many a pointless argument. Pillow fights of the past can become real, and you may feel that you are at your wits end.

Snoring noises can range from a gentle whistling to something that resembles a pig snorting, loud bellows and thunderous rumblings that could easily equal between sixty and one hundred decibels! Think loud talking up to the noise made by a chainsaw and you sort of get the picture. For long suffering partners, what they may have thought at the beginning of the relationship was a slight hiccup, now that they have moved in together, how to stop snoring has become a very real and serious problem.

Does your partner realise and understand the real problems that their snoring causes?

First of all, your partner may not understand, after all, they are asleep! They may think you are making a mountain out of a molehill, when in fact, the person you met who you thought was quiet and appealing, has turned into a deafening hippopotamus. One that keeps you awake night after night and for all the wrong reasons.

You have listened to all the suggestions; poking him to wake him makes no difference, five minutes later he is back in the land of nod emitting the proverbial bellows! Asking him to turn on his side? Yes, this worked… for a time, but just as you were beginning to drop off they then they rolled back, and the deafening snoring began yet again.

Unless you actually live with someone who snores, no-one can really understand. The endless sleepless nights, the irritability from lack of sleep and ultimately the arguments that result. So, aside from taking refuge in the spare room or camping out in the garden, what can you do about problem snoring?

Mutually establish that their snoring is a problem

First and foremost you have to establish that your partner’s snoring is a problem. Many snorers do not admit or simply do not realise the very real problem that their snoring causes.

It is difficult for those partners that previously slept well, but for those who may suffer from insomnia anyway it isn’t just a problem, living with a partner who snores is the ultimate nightmare. Sleep becomes a thing of the distant past and eventually you feel like you are losing touch with reality.

The way forward - Snoring aids that do work

There are many cheap snoring aids on the market that do actually work. Unfortunately, it can be a matter of trial and error. What works for one does not necessarily work for another and in the same vein what one person prefers another may not. However, as many snoring aids are inexpensive, it will not break the bank to trial them.

Here at Snorestoppers we have a range of snoring aids that have been proven to be effective, tried and tested snoring aids that actually work. What is more, we offer free delivery with our cheap snoring aids.

Get your relationship back on track and say goodbye to all those restless nights, take a look at our range of cheap snoring aids today or for more advice why not get in touch

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