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If your partner snores, it can lead to many a sleepless night. Sleep deprivation not only causes extreme tiredness it can lead to irritability and many a pointless argument. Pillow fights of the past can become real, and you may feel that you are at your wits end. Snoring noises can range from a gentle whistling to something that resembles a pig snorting, loud bellows and thunderous rumblings that could easily equal between sixty and one hundred decibels! Think loud talking up to the noise made by a chainsaw and you sort of get the picture. For long suffering partners,...

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With This Snoring Ring I Thee Wed!

Unfortunately, we at Snorestoppers know that snoring knows no barriers; it can affect every member of the population regardless of your gender, age or disposition. However, for women especially, it can be a particularly embarrassing problem. If you were to listen to the general consensus and opinion, it would seem that women should sleep like angels without a murmur, but the complete opposite is true! Many women snore, their mouths wide open and a bellowing noise emitting, one that is anything but ladylike and indeed a noise so loud that it could raise the rafters! The thing is many women...

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A Band Aid for Snoring, Surely Not? Do Nasal Plasters Really Work?

“It’s raining, it’s pouring. The old man is snoring.” This is a well-known children’s nursery rhyme, one that dates back years and yet it is still as popular today as it was back then. It shows that snoring is not just a latter day problem, but one that has been around for centuries. The rhyme goes onto say “He went to bed and bumped his head...” which makes one think that maybe his long suffering wife gave him the bang to his head in order to try and get some peace and quiet, along with a decent night’s sleep! While...

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5 Very Strange Secrets to Stop You Snoring

There are some weird and wonderful ways that claim to help you to stop snoring. Personally, I would just visit Snorestoppers and choose one of their range of products – but I may be slightly biased! Let’s have a look at some oddball snoring solutions – you can make your own mind up! The Gaffer Tape Solution This works on the theory that most snoring is through the mouth – so if you gaffer tape it closed then you won’t snore! I can think of some other reasons why you might want to gaffer tape your partners mouth shut but...

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5 Ways Stopping Snoring Can Improve your Life

Snoring. It's a noisy problem that millions of people in the UK suffer from on a nightly basis or seasonally when they develop colds or allergies. Obviously, snoring is as annoying for someone sharing your bed or for other people in your household. What you might not realise, though, is that it can affect many parts of your life. Finding a snoring solution that works to help you stop can improve your life by: Improving Your Relationship. Believe it or not, keeping your partner up at night can take a toll on your relationship. Even though your partner understands that...

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