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A Band Aid for Snoring, Surely Not? Do Nasal Plasters Really Work?

“It’s raining, it’s pouring. The old man is snoring.” This is a well-known children’s nursery rhyme, one that dates back years and yet it is still as popular today as it was back then. It shows that snoring is not just a latter day problem, but one that has been around for centuries. The rhyme goes onto say “He went to bed and bumped his head...” which makes one think that maybe his long suffering wife gave him the bang to his head in order to try and get some peace and quiet, along with a decent night’s sleep!

While sticking a band aid on the knees of children is effective when they fall and cut themselves, so too are nasal plasters in reducing and even stopping the noise that is produced by snoring. They can be an effective snoring cure and they are appreciated by long suffering partners the world over!


The size of a person’s nostrils, nasal obstruction or nasal collapse when asleep are quite often the main causes of snoring; the reason why nasal strips are extremely effective as a snoring cure.

When we are asleep we breathe through our noses, however, if there is a restriction of airflow through the nostrils, then we tend to breathe through our mouths. This causes the soft palate and other tissues in the mouth, nose and throat to then vibrate. This is what causes the snoring noises; which can vary from a low wheezing sound to a deafening, thunderous rumble!


Lack of sleep is the obvious effect of snoring, not only for the snorers themselves but for their long suffering partners. This, in turn, leads to extreme tiredness through the daytime, which has an adverse effect on your concentration, work and general overall well-being.


Nasal strips such as from Snorestoppers are a cheap and effective snoring cure, the ideal solution for many. They are unobtrusive, as well as being easy to apply and to remove. Much like putting a band aid on a cut, they simply sit on the bridge of the nose and work by keeping the nasal passages open and so stop them from collapsing inwards; thus allowing increased airflow and non-mouth breathing while asleep. Nasal plasters can also assist by relieving any nasal congestion, which can be caused by colds and allergies.


Other contributory factors to snoring can be overeating, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol and allergies. The following, along with the use of nasal strips, can assist as a snoring cure:

  • If you are overweight try to lose weight sensibly; through exercise and diet
  • Avoid alcohol at least four hours before retiring to bed
  • Try sleeping on your side, as opposed to sleeping on your back
  • Establish a regular sleeping routine

There are many other snoring solutions which can be found on Snorestoppers website.

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