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Snoring Ring

Snoring Ring


Clinically Trialled and Proven to Work

Say goodbye to thunderous snoring and enjoy a restful night’s sleep with our stop snoring ring. 


If you are looking for a non-invasive, comfortable and effective snoring remedy, then our snoring ring is the perfect solution. Using the ancient, tried and tested method of acupressure this ring will amaze. In clinical trials, it was proven to significantly reduce and even stop snoring altogether in 80% of participants.

A simple and discreet snoring remedy that actually works! Endorsed by celebrities like Jim Davidson, and praised by snorers and their partners the world over.

How Does the Anti Snore Ring Work?

Who would have thought that something as unassuming as this could actually work and cure snoring? The snoring ring is not only an effective snoring remedy; it is comfortable and easy to wear.

The anti-snore ring is placed on the little finger and using the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure it creates a positive stimulus. It applies light pressure on two specific points on the finger which assist the muscles in the throat and larynx. It assists in clearing the airways by reducing sinus swelling and nasal congestion, thus eliminating the snoring triggers.

  • Elegant and discreet
  • Proven to work
  • Natural remedy for snoring
  • No side effects
  • Nickel free

Snore Ring Available in Three Sizes

The snoring ring is adjustable and available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large to ensure a comfortable fit. Each size is adjustable to allow for all finger sizes.


Why Pay More? Priced at just £10.99 our discounted anti snore ring is less than half the price of some on the market. Our low priced snore ring also comes with FREE delivery!

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