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Nasal Dilators

Nasal Dilators


Snoring can be detrimental to your health, as well as to your partner’s ears! Sleep deprivation is common among snorers. This, in turn, leads to irritability, poor concentration and a general lethargy.

The noise made by snorers varies in severity, anything from a low whistle to noises that resemble a loud foghorn! Either way, it can be distressing to the sufferer, as well as be a continual source of embarrassment.

Nasal Dilators help to stop snoring by opening constricted airways in the nose.

What are Snoring Nasal Dilators?

Our popular nasal dilators, or nose cones as they are sometimes known, is a small device that fits into the nostrils.

How Do They Work?

Many snorers suffer from narrowed nasal passages, a deviated septum or/and nostril collapse when asleep, which is what causes them to snore. Our popular nasal dilators, or nose cones, work by keeping the nasal passages open whilst asleep, preventing them collapsing and maximising airflow into the nose. They have also been designed to strengthen and expand them too.

Are the Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilators Comfortable?

They are made from the highest grade silicone, which is supremely soft and comfortable. They also come in two sizes (small and large) to ensure a perfect and snug fit. For those unsure of which size to order, we offer a mixed pack of both small and large nose cones.

Do the Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilators Work?

We invariably receive great feedback from our customers who have purchased this popular product to stop snoring. Below is an example of one of the many testimonials we have received, praising this anti snoring aid. Michael, who had previously tried many expensive stop snoring cures, all to no avail said:

“I was so fed up and seemed to be tired all the time. All the other websites I found only sold one product, so I was pleased I found Snorestoppers. I decided to try the nasal dilators and am so glad I did – so’s my wife! Highly recommended.”

Anti Snoring Nasal Dilator Benefits:

  • Success rate of over 80%
  • Expand and strengthen nasal passages
  • Reduce mouth breathing which causes snoring
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Discreet

Is the Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilator Effective for Congestion Caused by Flu, Colds and Allergies?

Nose cones, as well as being an effective snoring remedy, can also help those whose noses are congested for a variety of other reasons.

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