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Snore Defense Mouth Guard

Snore Defense Mouth Guard


Now available in 2 sizes - Standard for men and Small for women

No need for separate bedrooms, with the Snore Defense Mouth Guard both you and your partner can sleep peacefully.

Solve your snoring problems today by order this effective snoring remedy! With FREE delivery and a FREE hygienic case in which to store your stop snoring mouthpiece, there has never been a better time to order.

The Snorestoppers Mouth Guard has helped many individuals stop snoring. This mandibular advancement device is soft, comfortable and designed to treat problem snoring. The Air Spring Base technology also allows easy movement of the jaw, whilst wearing the mouth guard. It also has 4 large breathing holes which allow for much easier breathing – a feature not included in most other mouthpieces.

How Does the Snore Defense Mouth Guard Work?

The noises made by snoring are caused by vibrations of the tissues at the back of the throat, this can be anything from a gentle whistling noise to a raucous racket that can be even heard in the next room! In order to stop snoring you need to get to the root of the problem, by widening the airways. This mandibular advancement device helps stop snoring by gently lifting the lower jaw, so the airways at the back of the throat are widened.

What is a Mandibular Advancement Device?

A mandibular advancement device, or as it is more commonly known MAD, is a carefully engineered stop snoring mouthpiece. It works by holding the mandible (lower jaw) and tongue forward, allowing the airways to widen. Consequently, this stops the vibrations that cause the loud snoring noises.

Is the Snore Defense Mouth Guard Comfortable?

Many stop snoring mouthpieces are rigidly designed and can cause real discomfort and irritation. Not so with Snorestoppers, it is both soft and comfortable.

How Long Does it Take to Work and Stop Snoring?

You can start using it straight away and results should be immediate.

Benefits of the Snore Defense Mouth Guard

Well aside from the obvious, it stops you snoring, the benefits are:

  • Ready to use straight from the box
  • 2 sizes - one for men and one for women
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Four breathing holes allow you to breathe easy when your mouth is open
  • Tongue guard to control the tongue comfortably

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