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Snorestopper TSD

Snorestopper TSD


One thing we know about here at Snorestoppers is snoring! We are committed to keeping our prices low and curing the British nation of their snoring problems.

Our snoring aids are all designed to help you stop snoring, and this low priced Snorestopper Tongue Stabilising Device (TSD) is an extremely popular choice with our customers. It is not as bulky as some other snoring aids, and it can even be worn with dentures. It has a very high success rate, and there is no fiddly fitting, as one size fits all.

You can use this snoring aid immediately, so order it today and you could soon be on your way to living a ‘snore free’ life, and you and your partner can, at last, enjoy a decent night’s sleep!

How Does the Snorestopper Tongue Stabilising Device (TSD) Work?

Most devices hold the jaw forward to stop snoring, however, this snoring solution works in a completely different way. The Snorestopper Tongue Stabilising Device holds the tongue in position so that it cannot fall back towards the throat.

While you are asleep your muscles relax, and the tongue lolls back, thus obstructing the airways. This then, in turn, causes the soft tissues at the back of the throat to vibrate which is what creates the snoring noises. These noises can be anything from a whispering whistle to a deafening raucous rumble! The Snorestopper TSD prevents this happening by firmly holding the tongue in place.

Is the Snorestopper Tongue Stabilising Device (TSD) Comfortable?

The Tongue Stabilising Device (TSD) is comfortable, however, as with everything it can take time to adapt. Initially, you may find you have some excess saliva, but once you become accustomed to wearing this snoring aid, this should then stop.

Why Should I Try It?

  • Very high success rate
  • Non-invasive
  • Simple to use
  • Washable
  • Can be used immediately
  • One size fits all
Our snoring aids are sensibly priced. We are committed to keeping our prices low. However, this does not reflect on the quality of our stop snoring products.

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