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Chin Strap (Full Head)

Chin Strap (Full Head)


Stop Snoring Solution

While many of the nation go to bed tonight and enjoy a blissful and peaceful night’s sleep, over forty percent who suffer from snoring will be restless, as will their partners. Eighty percent of those who do snore are open mouth snorers, who would benefit greatly from using a chin strap to help them stop snoring.

Why Use a Full Head Anti Snoring Chin Strap to Stop Snoring?

They have a high success rate in helping those who want to stop snoring. They are a simple and effective snoring remedy, however, for those that tend to be restless during the night partial chin straps can be inadequate. They work loose and do not stay in place, making them ineffective – they need to be positioned correctly in order to work. Full head chin straps are the ideal solution as they are sturdier, staying securely in place throughout the night, regardless of how many times you toss and turn. Additionally, the two velcro fasteners further ensure that it is held firmly in place.

How Does the Full Head Chin Strap Work to Stop Snoring?

When we go to sleep, the muscles in the jaw and throat relax. This causes the chin to drop down and the tongue to fall back restricting the airways. Consequently, the mouth opens, and snoring occurs. The full head chin strap works by addressing these problems it holds your jaw forward and keeps your mouth closed, as well as preventing the tongue from sliding backwards. Therefore, the airways are not restricted, and thus it stops snoring.

Is it Comfortable?

This popular snoring remedy is made from incredibly comfortable neoprene. It is washable and durable. The chin strap is also fully adjustable, so one size fits all.

This full head chin strap, with a sling type design, is far more comfortable than others on the market. It is neat, snug and provides a far superior fit.

  • High success rate in stopping snoring
  • Ideal for restless sleepers who toss and turn
  • One size fits all
  • Washable
  • Comfortable

If you do not tend to toss and turn through the night, then our normal chin strap will suffice to help stop problematic snoring.

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